The Story so Far….. Renmore today is a thriving & beautiful suburb of Galway City. The Parish Church nestles beside acres of lush green open space. Gentle waves lap the shores of Ballyloughane Beach. Renmore is a Garden of Delight – the Environmental jewel in the City Crown. Over 45 years ago, young couples from all over the country came to live in this newly built estate. Many of the now well established groups were then taking their first tentative steps. The story continues…….

1979 – Goody Two Shoes It all began in 1979 in the tiny kitchen of Renmore’s School Hall. The young curate, Sean O’Malley suggested to some of his fellow badminton players – including John Duggan, Liam Belton, Denis Quilty, John Benson and John Power- that Renmore should produce a Pantomime. So Joe McCarthy was called upon and the rest is history. Read the continuing story here…..

1980 – Jack and the Beanstalk With Sean O’Malley again providing leadership, Joe McCarthy producing & directing and Mary Stankard undertaking secretarial duties, Renmore’s second pantomime ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ was launched on 1st January 1980 at ‘The Jesuit Hall’ for 6 performances. It was described on the ‘Irish Independent’ as the West’s answer to Maureen Potter! Follow the rest of Jack’s 1980 story here……

1981 – Aladdin This was the last Renmore Panto to be staged in the Jesuit Hall. Packed houses greeted ‘Aladdin’ for nine performances. Admission was €1.90 & €0.95. More details here….

1982 – Ole King Cole The first Renmore Panto in Leisureland was described in the ‘Galway Advertiser’ as a Cecil B. de Mille production ‘with a cast of thousands’ for which Joe McCarthy would be long remembered as the man who put what appeared to be the entire population of Renmore on stage! More details of the first Leisureland Panto…

1983 – Sinbad The title role was played by Michael Fitzgerald. He linked up romantically with Mairéad Glynn, daughter of the Ship’s Captain, Denis Quilty while funny men Eamonn Carr & John Walsh were hilarious crewmen. Gerry Ferguson as Sinbad’s Mother brought the house down. Read more about the 1983 production of Sinbad…..

1984 – Cinderella Renmore 6th Annual Pantomime ‘Cinderella’ was staged at Leisureland for a record run of 5 nights and 2 matinees from 11th to 15th January 1984. It proved to be a sparkling, colourful show that entertained from start to finish. Read more about Cinderella in 1984…….

1985 – ‘Grease’ Renmore Musical Society made a huge impact when they staged their first production at the Jesuit School Hall and later at Leisureland. Find out about the beginnings of the Galway Musical Society here..

1985 – Sleeping Beauty Niamh McCarthy played the title role in Renmore’s 7th Panto for another smash hit. Read more about this production….

1986 – Goldilocks and the Three Bears Cathy Belton played the title role in Renmore’s record breaking version of ‘Goldilocks’ which incorporated a circus theme throughout. Further details here……

1987 – Humpty Dumpty Renmore staged a novel adaptation of the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ for their ninth Pantomime. Read more about Humpty Dumpty….

1988 – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Galway Rose, Caroline Cawley was the beautiful look-a-like for ‘Snow White’ in Renmore’s 10th annual Pantomime. Read more details about Renmore Pantomime’s 10th production here….