Dare to dream … Renmore Pantomime returns to the Town Hall after two years!

Renmore Pantomime Society are delighted to be back for our42ndproductionwith the magical tale of Cinderella!

We will ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’ our way through the Town Hall Theatre for a total of 23 performances.

We are very excited to introduce you to our characters. We have Hortense(Síofra Ní Chonluain) and Buttons(Cian O’Ceallaigh) a great duo and loyal companions to Cinderella (Olivia Corbett-Joyce). Baron Stoneybroke(Michael Cooney) the loving father of Cinderella. Dandini (Seán Steede), the Prince’s Valet, protector, and friend. We cannot wait to see what mischief the ugly sisters Gorgonzola (Declan J.Gardiner) and Fromaggio(David Booth) will evoke, and what ploys the jealous Demoness Demelza(Elizabeth Flaherty) will brew in her effort to win the day.

Our spirits will be lifted by our dashing Prince Charming(Keith Hanley) who desperately seeks to find love his own way while keeping his promise to his father that he will marry before his 21st birthday.  We will follow the journey of Cinderella, a beautiful kind girl who faces oppression from her Stepsisters but shows that goodness will always win over cruelness in the end. With a dash of magic from her Fairy Godmother(Ciara O’Meara) and support from her friends, Cinderella will make her way to the ball, seeking a charming young valet who turns out to be a Prince. Leaving only a crystal slipper behind after a short stint at the ball, the Prince is desperate to find his one true love and on his quest will encounter the sport of the step sisters trying to deceive him and win his heart. This tale is sure to entertain us all leaving us with an important message that ultimately kindness always wins the day.          

Supporting the principals on stage will be the Chorus, Tweens & Smurfs groups adding song and dance to the story.

Our experienced production team – Directors Brian and Seán Power, Choreographer Declan J.Gardiner and Musical Director John O’Dea – have been working hard with all the cast over the past few months to bring the story of Cinderella to our audience.

We kick start the magic withtwo performances on the29th of Dec 2021 and run until 9th Jan 2022.

Our show dates for December areDec 29th 2:30 pm& 7:30 pm, Dec 30th 2:30 pm& 7:30 pm, Dec 31st 2:30 pm.

We will dance away the January blues with performances on: Jan 1st 2:30 pm& 7:30 pm, Jan 2nd 2:30 pm& 7:30 pm, Jan 4th 7:30 pm, Jan 5th 7:30 pm, Jan 6th 7:30 pm, Jan 7th 2:30 pm& 7:30 pm, Jan 8th12 pm (a very special sensory friendly show), followed by an early evening showat 4:30 pm.

After a short reset, we return on Jan 11th 7:30 pm, followed by Jan 12th 7:30 pm, Jan 13th 7:30 pm, Jan 14th 2:30 pmand 7:30pm, our last day of shows is Jan 15th 12 pmand 4:30 pm.

Tickets are on sale from the Town Hall Theatre Galway on 091-569777 or at www.tht.ie.at €17/€20.

For more information and continued updates, please follow our journey at Renmore Pantomime on Facebook @ Renmore Pantomime, or on Instagram at renmore_pantomime_galway. There are also further details and photos on our website www.renmorepantomime.com.

Renmore Pantomime Society would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors and all those involved in the production. Be it behind the scenes, front of house, in the orchestra pit, on stage or in the organising committee, our wonderful team continues to grow every year and produce an unforgettable performance.

Until we see you in December: “Be kind, have courage and always believe in a little magic.”

Renmore Pantomime Society are delighted to be back for our 43rd year with the magical Cinderella!

With the enchantment of the Fairy Godmother and the mischief of the Ugly Sisters, we will ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’ our way through the Town Hall Theatre as we follow Cinderella and her friends on this wonderful adventure. Throughout this charming journey, we will be inspired by her continued endeavour to have courage, be kind and always believe in a little magic.

Cinderella runs from 29th December 2022 to 15th January 2023. There will be a sensory friendly show on 8th January at 12pm.

Book tickets from the Town Hall Theatre online or phone 091 569777.