Renmore Pantomime Society is committed to making involvement in our annual production an enjoyable and safe experience for all.

Our policies are carefully draw up and reviewed regularly.

Child Protection Policy:

The Society will ensure that:

  • All children will be treated equally with respect and dignity
  • The duty of care to children will always be put first
  • A balanced relationship based on mutual trust will be built which empowers the children to share in the decision-making process
  • Enthusiastic and constructive feedback will be given rather then negative criticism
  • Bullying will not be accepted or condoned
  • All adult members of the society provide a positive role model for dealing with other people
  • Action will be taken to stop any inappropriate verbal or physical behaviour
  • It will hold a register of every child involved with the society and will retain a contact name and number close at hand in case of emergencies

The full child protection policy can be read here.

Code of Conduct:

The Code of Conduct is designed to clarify the Renmore Pantomime Society’s expectations on how members, performers, production staff and all volunteers should conduct themselves whilst involved in the activities of the Society.  By following this Code of Conduct, the reputation of the Renmore and Pantomime Society and everyone involved with the society will be upheld and protected.

The full code of conduct policy can he read here.

Our youngest pantomime members: the Renmore Smurfs